Relais Maresca - Capri

Dine over the sea of Capri

Mediterranean flavors, a relaxing atmosphere, and stunning views

Our Terrazza Maresca restaurant is unforgettable. Have a leisurely breakfast here as the sun rises over the coast, savor traditional Mediterranean dishes, or relax with your favorite cocktail at sunset. Any time of day or night, you'll be treated to the extraordinary view over the sea off Capri and the whole of the Bay of Naples.

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Terrace Restaurant on 4th Floor

Relais Maresca - Capri

The gourmet terrace

Welcome to Terrazza Maresca, our rooftop restaurant, where you can sample classic island dishes local to Capri and Mediterranean specialties.
The view comes included with your meal!

Relais Maresca - Capri

Irresistable temptations

Traditional "ravioli capresi", caprese salad, fresh fish and seafood: our menu is a tempting invitation to savor the simple yet unforgettable flavors of our island's classic Mediterranean cuisine. We also offer gluten-free options, vegetarian and vegan dishes, and child-friendly selections.

Relais Maresca - Capri

Meet us at sunset

When the sea sparkles with the glowing shades of the setting sun, it's time to unwind with your favorite drink and relax in the leisurely atmosphere of this sleepy fishing village with a view over the Bay of Naples.

Hours of the Terrazza Maresca bar and restaurant

Breakfast: served on the terrace from 7:30 to 10:30 am.
Lunch: from noon to 3 pm
Menu Bistrot: from noon to 10 pm
Dinner: each evening from 7 pm to 10 pm

Breakfast Overlooking the Sea

Begin your day right with breakfast on Relais Maresca's terrace restaurant overlooking the magnificent view of the Bay of Naples. Choose a classic Italian combination of croissant and cappuccino, or settle in for a more filling array of tarts, fresh fruit, sweet and savory pastries, charcuterie, and gluten-free selections.